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Your Impact

As the first-ever event of its kind in Simi Valley, this SIMI Music Video Fest is set to become a cornerstone of the local arts scene, celebrating the creativity and innovation in music videos. By becoming a sponsor, you’re not just supporting an event; you’re joining the founding team of a movement that will shape the future of music and visual storytelling in our community. Your partnership plays a crucial role in making this festival a success, setting the stage for many more years of artistic excellence.


Be a Pioneer

As a sponsor, you’ll be recognized as a pioneer, helping to establish the SIMI Music Video Fest as a premiere event for music video creators and enthusiasts. Your support will be instrumental in building the festival from the ground up, ensuring its lasting impact.



Exclusive Opportunities

Gain unparalleled exposure and connect with a vibrant community of artists, industry professionals, and music lovers. Your brand will be at the forefront of this unique event, celebrated for your commitment to the arts and creativity.



Join the Founding Circle

Your sponsorship signifies your place in the founding circle of the SIMI Music Video Fest. You’ll be part of a select group of visionaries who helped launch and shape an event that celebrates the artistry and innovation of music videos.


The 'Why' Behind The Fest

Music videos are a powerful medium where music and visuals blend to tell compelling stories. This genre demands the collaboration of a wide range of talented professionals, including music artists, cinematographers, producers, actors, set designers, and editors. These creators invest significant time, effort, and resources to produce captivating visual stories that enhance original music. Despite the passion and creativity poured into these projects, many music videos are often confined to platforms like YouTube, limiting their exposure and appreciation.
Recognizing the immense effort and artistry involved in creating music videos, we established the SIMI Music Video Fest as a dedicated event to honor and celebrate these works. Our aim is to provide a prestigious platform where the hard work of independent artists and creators can be showcased and appreciated in a cinematic setting.

In addition to screening the selected videos on the theater’s big screens, the fest will include an exciting awards ceremony to recognize outstanding achievements in various categories, such as:

  • Best Director
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Editing
  • Best Creative Design
  • Best Storytelling
    And more

These awards will highlight the exceptional talent and dedication involved in the production of music videos. Your support helps to elevate the recognition of this art form and provides a space for these creatives to be seen, heard, and valued.

music video 1

The SIMI Music Video Fest will screen the best independent music videos from around the world:


With Live Music at the Simi Town Center!

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We're thrilled to invite you to join us as a sponsor for the first-ever SIMI Music Video Fest. Your support is more than a sponsorship; it's a partnership in creating a lasting legacy in the Simi Valley arts community. Together, we can elevate the celebration of music video artistry and creativity.

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